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Hi, I'm Beth. I'm a wife and work at home mom of two. I'm a personal trainer, fashion blogger, personal stylist, social media manager, runner and fitness fanatic. I'm currently the creative director and editor for this style blog, Sunshine and Sequins.

I'm a tried and true southern belle with adventurous tendencies. I grew up in New Orleans. This is where I learned my sense of adventure, eclecticism, love of colorful, sparkly things and great tasting food. Hawaii, which I lived for 7 of the best years of my life. While in Hawaii, I graduated from the University of Hawaii with my Bachelor's in Business Administration Writing Intensive and went on to volunteer as a Family Readiness Group Leader for my husbands unit during their deployment to Iraq and was awarded the highest civilian honor from AAAA, the Our Lady of Loreto award for which I'm still feel so honored to have been given.
 My style is in a word: eclectic. I'm that somewhere in between I've never found on other blogs. I'm not in my twenties nor my 50's. I'm a real mom who needs real style that brings out my personality. I'm that middle of the road, average American girl just trying to find a style that works for her, hoping to give inspiration to others.

What I love:

My two sweet kiddos,

My wonderful husband,

Bohemian styles with a modern twist,

sand between my toes,

beach hair,


sun on my skin,

 Delicious, healthy food,
Style that is classic with a twist, modern, yet bohemian,


I believe:

everyone has their very own style personality.

less is more in every aspect of life.

every women is beautiful, she just needs to see it in herself, then believe it no matter what anyone else says.

a happy girl is a pretty girl.

in living authentically.


If your brand is interested in a review, sponsoring a post; lets collaborate!
Please email me at bhedge37@gmail.com.



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