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Glowing Skincare Routine

Valentine's Day is always a hit or miss with me. I'm either feeling the cupid vibes or I'm not. Especially since having major surgery a few weeks back, this mommy needs some pampering!
One thing I do believe in is a great skin care regimen and not sacrificing my 401K to get it. So lets get started on an affordable Valentines Day skincare routine to bring out your inner beauty in time for whatever your life may bring you on V-Day.

People have asked me over the years what I use on my skin. Until a few years ago, I didn't use anything special. I've always thought less is more. I didn't even use moisturizer mainly because my skin was so oily not to mention my skin sensitivity. I wear foundation sparingly (think once every 6 months, maybe), using specific brands I love, but that's another post. So these pictures you see on here aren't photo shopped, its all me. Plus, I believe skincare begins on the inside. As the old adage goes, crap in, crap out. But again, another post.

Affordable Valentines Day Skincare Routine for Glowing Skin Valentines Day Skincare How to Make your skin glow~Sunshines and Sequins
Here are the products I use every day.

These are the products I'm currently loving and using:
Toner: Being True Essential Soothing Tonic or Origins
 (The Being True Essential Soothing tonic not only reduces my skin's redness but minimizes my pores, too.)
Eye Makeup Remover: Take the Day Off by Clinique (the best one I've EVER found)
Moisturizer: Origins Starting Over
Mask: Sephora (not shown still waiting to get from Sephora)
Yes, you read that right. I don't use some fancy expensive cleanser or cleansing brush for my face. Not for lack of trying. These just don't work for my sensitive skin.

My Skincare Routine:



(If I used eye makeup that day beyond the usual mascara, I use an eye makeup remover as mentioned above)
Eye Cream

1 x a week
Moisturize (if you need it, the mask does well enough for me)
 Give yourself about 30 minutes for these weekly mini-facials and be prepared for glowing, beautiful skin!

Many people say they use eye cream in the morning but I only use it at night. This allows it to absorb in my skin while I'm sleeping. This skincare routine works for me. With Valentines Day right around the corner, its the perfect time to amp up your skincare routine and pamper your skin. Here are my recommendations after years of trial and error.
The background:
After my son was born, my skin changed. It lost its glow. Not for lack of trying, but the crap in crap out thing wasn't working as well anymore. So, began the quest to find out how to get a skincare routine that worked for me. For my very first Mother's Day, Mav gave me a spa gift certificate (I know its because he felt guilty for being deployed for not only the birth but the whole first year of our first child's life and we'd just found out his tour was extended another 3 months). His gift was the perfect pick-me-up for this exhausted mom. It wasn't just any spa he picked, but the best spa on the island of Oahu, the Spa at the Ihilani Marriot. It was heaven, bliss, wonderful.
 While at the spa, I wanted a complete overhaul, top to bottom. I wanted to look and feel like a better version of me! I chose a detox body scrub/wrap and a personalized facial. The aesthetician at the spa talked to me for more than 15 minutes to get an understanding of my skin care problems (super sensitive, prone to irritation) and then spent another 45 minutes giving me a facial with products to specifically address my skin. Talk about customer service! I walked out of there with over $150 worth of products (not $1500) and never looked back. My skin had never, ever glowed like it did that day. I totally recommend finding an excellent aesthetician who will take the time to address your skincare needs.

See, you don't have to spend $1000 to have great skin!

I used the products she recommended for years until I just couldn't find the company products anymore. I still use the toner, exfoliant and under eye moisturizer when I can find those. The mask and moisturizer are hit or miss. Sadly, I had to find something else to replace these products.

 While I was shopping on several months back, I found these masks and decided to try them. This one gives a glow so close to the one I experienced at the spa, I've stopped looking for the other mask. Plus the bonus, they're on sale! These masks are a steal right now at buy 4 get 1 free with code masklove for a limited time only! That's less than $6 a mask!

My favorite, by far, is the Pearl Mask. I notice visibly smaller pores and brightened skin tone after I use this mask. Plus the moisture and radiance is like nothing else. The bonus? These have never irritated my skin.

And you don't have to spend your kids college savings on your skincare.


 I do switch up my skincare products. I rotate them every six months or so. I also get lots of samples from Sephora and I try those. Switching skincare products is like switching shampoos, its good for your skin. At least it is according to my aesthetician and hair stylist.

Have a Good Day Lovelies,


Still to come: Valentines Day Style


This is me, au naturel (except for lip gloss and mascara, of course) for my birthday, two years after my son was born and after I learned a great skincare routine. Of course I was tan (and had a super cute bob). I did live in Hawaii. Oh, those were great times!
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