Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Gray, Grey Days

This dress from the Lou & Grey collection for Loft is the perfect summer/fall transition dress for my part of the world where days can begin overcast in the 60's and end sunny in the 90's! I wore this for one of those particular gray days. It was perfect for the weather and later in the day I removed the scarf and still had a stylish warm weather outfit. This particular dress is sold out online but they have great long sleeve versions here.

 During the summer a few years ago I happened upon a store, Loft. I noticed that most of their clothes were geared towards women who work in an office so I stuck with their accessories, you know sparkly earrings, necklaces and the like. I love this store because not only do they have very cute clothes but they come in petite, too. AND they are usually running a sale.

While I was in the store a few weeks back, I found this Lou and Grey for Loft dress. The minute I tried it on, I HAD to have it. Comfortable, casual and chic. 
What to Wear on Those Cool Mornings
Summer dress ready for a cool, crisp, day.

What I'm Wearing: Sleeveless Dress: Loft Lou and Grey

I do love to wear my hair in a messy ponytail because it is easy but still chic.

Simple. Easy. Chic. Comfortable. Casual. I think I am adding words to my fashion mantra!!

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