Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Style Files: Fall Nail Polish

 Fall is the perfect time of year. It's almost as if there is some sort of excitement in the air. It's also when all of the new Fall nail polish colors come out. I have several fall faves like plum, oxblood and ruby red. Since I love DIY gel nails, finding nail color online is hard since judging what it will look like is never easy.
This first one called "Black Jack Cherry" I found at Sally's after several botched "maroon" attempts. It's in mini size so if I didn't like it I didn't have a huge bottle of nail polish I wouldn't use! Gelish has a new color in their Fall 2014 collection called Hello, Merlot which looks very similar.

Gelish Black Jack Cherry It's just enough red to feel like Fall but not too much red that it clashes with maroon colored clothes.

Gelish Plum and Done: I have shown this color before in this post. I like that it's a dark enough purple to look chic. I love the versatility of gel color. Of course, I know I am supposed to soak the polish off but I am so impatient I always end up peeling it. Oops.

I got into gel nails after a nail technician recommended the gel manicure several years ago. When the manicure lasted three weeks instead of a few hours, I was sold! After a little research I found that by spending around $75.00 I could do my own manicures. So it would pay for itself after two DIY manicures.
Here is the kit I bought as a reference:
Gelish Starter Kit

There are kits that can be bought at Walmart but I've never tried those. I bought a professional UV lamp by itself (I have since changed to LED. Go with the faster, safer LED lamp if you have the extra dollars) and a starter kit from the brand Gelish on Amazon. Also, make sure the lamp cures all five fingers at once. Several I have seen actually only do four and then the thumb is cured separately. I still have most of the original kit. If I had to guess as to how many times I've used it I would say about 35.
 I've only used the Gelish Foundation (bottom coat) and Top It Off (top coat) so I can't speak to any other brand. I can tell you I have tried different brands of gel polish but I stick with Gelish and CND. I have two colors of CND and 6 from Gelish. I wanted a bright red color, so I bought the CND Wildfire Color. This color is a very bright neutral red color and many times I only need the foundation coat, ONE color coat, and the top it off. It is a great color for the Christmas season! Everyone knows Christmas is such a busy time and we can't always fit a manicure in our schedule so a DIY gel manicure is perfect! This is how I do my DIY nails.
How To: DIY Gel Nails 
  1. Prepare Nails: file, buff and apply cuticle oil. Push back cuticles. Wash Hands.

2.  Apply PH Bond to nails
3.  Plug in UV (LED) lamp.
4.  Apply a thin coat of the Foundation Gel. Cure 1 minute UV/30 seconds LED.

These are all the Fall colors I have plus the foundation and top coat.

5.  Apply thin coat of polish of your choice. The bottle says to Cure 1 minute UV/30 seconds LED. I usually cure in my UV lamp for 2 minutes each color coat and at least 1 minutes in the LED.
6.  If you are satisfied with the color (no streaks). Apply Top It Off. Cure 1 minute UV/30 seconds LED.
7.  If you feel it needs another coat, apply another thin coat of polish and cure. Then apply Top It Off and cure.
8.  Once all nails are completely painted and properly cured use the cleanse on each nail. I put several drops of the cleanse on a cotton ball and rub each nail.
That's it. You're all done with your beautiful nails and ready to go!
It may seem like a daunting task to do your own gel nails but it really is easy. I have a salon manicure sometimes because I enjoy letting someone else do the work but in between times I can't go to the salon, this is a real time saver! Do you have any Fall nail colors you can't wait to wear?
 Here's to Friday!

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it." Confucius



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