Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Into Winter: Three Ways to Transition Your Summer Dress to Winter

As I posted a few weeks ago, I love pieces of clothing that can work throughout the year like this striped dress. I like pieces that can easily transition to other seasons. Check out this previous post for more Fall inspiration.

I like that this dress is three-quarter sleeve so it can work for all seasons. I also like that it is a classic shift dress. Easily shifted from Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter. Here is how I turned that casual summer shift dress into a winter phenom!

 First Look: Winter Wear to Work. Who says work wear has to be boring!
Winter Womens Workwear Tartan and Stripes
Winter Workwear: Striped Dress: Old Navy/Tailored Twill Plaid Blazer: Target. Even though the similar ones are in a different color scheme I thought they would work well with each other to achieve a similar look.

Transition Summer Dress to Fall and Winter

Second Look: All That Shimmers, Work Wear with Flare

Transition Summer Dress to Fall and Winter
Work wear with a little shimmer. This sweater has a slight shimmer to the yarn. It adds just the right amount of shine. Shimmer Sweater: Loft (a few years ago but any shimmery sweater or sequin shirt that adds a touch of sparkle) (similar). I added a small rhinestone necklace to set off the sparkle in the top.

Third Look: Casual Warmth

Transition Summer Dress to Fall and Winter

This is a cool reversible belt I found at Target (love the two for ones!!)the other side is black/ Vest: Gap Outlet

Transition Summer Dress to Fall and Winter

Transition Summer Dress to Fall and Winter

So there you have it. Three new ideas on how to style your striped dress for winter.
I love the challenge of styling and restyling for the upcoming season! It is so much fun! Makes me look forward to cold weather just a little ;).

Here's to Winter!


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