Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Denim Shirtdress Take 2

Here are a few more ideas on how to style your denim shirtdress. For ideas on how to style your denim shirtdress for Fall check out my previous post here. Time-saving Tuesday is my mantra today!

Fall/Winter Style: Denim Shirtdress
Comfortable, Casual, Chic

MORE CASUAL with a pop of color
Dress: Target, Scarf: Gap (old), Crossbody Bag: Lucky Brand (old) , Cognac Riding Boots: Etienne Aigner

This last look is one of my favorites. It is so comfortable and I love this scarf.

Remember, your smile is your best accessory, never leave the house without it.

Happy Tuesday,


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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Red, White and Blue For Fall

Who says you can only be patriotic on July 4th! I say every day is a good day to celebrate our freedoms and show support for our men and women in uniform! What better way than to dress in red, white and denim on denim! Here is how I took the denim on denim look and ramped it up a notch with a cool Fall red blazer.

How to Wear the denim on Denim Trend for Fall
Denim on Denim with a Twist

How to Wear Denim on Denim for Fall
Red, White and Blue for Fall: Lucky Brand Blazer:(TJMaxx old)/Old Navy Denim Shirt: /Lucky Brand Boyfriend Jeans/Belt: American Eagle old/Booties: American Eagle /Sunglasses: Gap Outlet/Chain Necklace: (old)/Crossbody Bag: Lucky Brand


Lips: Revlon Colorstay in Ultimate Wine/Nails: Gelish Black Cherry Berrry

Without the necklace and blazer

Denim on Denim is so easy! Cute, casual but put-together!

Adieu For Now,
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Friday, September 26, 2014

Jewel Tone Fashion for Fall: Vintage Green Suede Pencil Skirt and Fur Vest

Suede Skirt for Fall and Winter
Suede Pencil Skirt: Express / Embellished Sweatshirt: Clearance rack for $6 Kohls /Suede Ankle Boots: Target
With Fall quickly approaching, I decided to go with a glam sophisticate chic Fall/Winter look reusing my green suede skirt I had in the post Sunday Brunch. I've been able to find a few similar "suede" skirts online since that post.

I'm not sure sophisticate chic is a style "buzz" word but when I was trying to describe this look that is what I came up with. Falling in line with the trendy black leather skirt, I instead went with this vintage green suede pencil skirt. Partly because I had it and partly because the trendy leather skater skirts add bulk to an area that needs none. I added a casual embellished sweatshirt, fur vest and nude suede ankle boots. Comfortable and chic!

Fall is all about the layers. I love that I can either wear the vest or not. I love the green of the skirt and the simplicity of the jewelry. I've had this skirt since high school (it fit a little different back then ;)and found it wrapped up in a closet last time I visited home. Yes, I said that right, high school. I saw this skirt in the window of an Express store (which, by the way, is still one of my favorite stores) in the mall and told my mom I wanted it for my 16th birthday. I don't think I've ever wanted anything more in my life at that time. When I opened that gift on my birthday, I cried. And now you know the reason why I will NEVER get rid of it. After many, many years, it is still one of my favorites! 

My online search for a similar skirt produced many suede skirts from designers like Alexander Wang, Burberry, Ralph Lauren and the likes, none of which are under $1000. Don't fret, there are many affordable versions in black and a few in burgundy which can achieve a similar look.

Suede Skirt for Fall and Winter
See the nails? That's Gelish Black Jack Cherry!!!

Who says a mommy has to wear boyfriend jeans and t-shirts all the time! Well, I actually do wear that.....some of the time, except when it comes to date night. It's a time when I can wear whatever I want. The belt and the clutch give the vest an added sophistication. The pearl strand is my mother's and I wore it on my wedding day, too (vintage jewelry!). The clutch and belt are Michael Kors several years old. The vest I bought three years ago. The boots are from Target two years ago but they have similar ones now and they match the vest perfectly. Don't you think?

Clothing pieces made using classic lines and fabrics will never go out of style. I am dating myself but this skirt was popular at the same time as Pearl Jam's "Ten". It survived the grunge era and so did I. No matter, I'm gonna rock this beauty on a fall date night with the Mavs. This outfit makes me happy and I can't wait to wear it! Do you have any go-to outfits in your closet that make you feel that way?

Remember, your smile is your best accessory, never leave home without it!


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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Time-Saving Tuesday: What I'm Loving Today

Today I wanted to give you a complete outfit ready for anything. Since Target is having their buy one get one 50% off all shoes for men, women, and the kids, it was the perfect time! I have been waiting for this sale for a few months. The shoes and clutch are already in my shopping cart! Here are the pieces I'm loving together:

Can't say no to another versatile plaid blazer
Statement Necklace:
Snakeskin is IN
Old Navy Grey Jersey Henley

Old Navy Boyfriend Jeans Comfy, Chic and Casual
Snakeskin Pumps

This is my personal favorite shade of red: Ultimate Wine. I am stocking up!
It was so much fun putting this together! All of the clothes on my site I recommend because I truly love them, feel they bring style to the average sporty body type and believe in the companies who provide them.
"Happiness dwells not in possessions, and not in gold, happiness dwells in the soul." Democritus

Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall Trend: Denim Shirt Dress

Happy Monday, Ladies. Since Mondays are always so blah especially when you are a working girl, I thought I would give more work wear inspiration today.

Denim shirt dresses are the perfect way to start a Monday and are another versatile wardrobe item. When I used to work in business offices this is something I totally would've worn to the office. I could wear something as casual as this or as business-y as a suit, depending on my mood or if I had a meeting. Dressed down, dressed up and worn all seasons depending on the look you want, denim shirt dresses are chic and comfortable.


Fall Transition: Denim Shirt Dress

Denim Shirtdress: Target /Ankle Boots: Target /Scarf: Pashmina /Oxblood Leopard Belt: Gap (last year)

How to Wear a denim shirt dress for fall and winter
 Simple. Easy. Chic. Just the way I like my style! I would pair this with a large black tote to carry my daily essentials and minimal jewelry.

I know what you are thinking. How do you go from nice camera pictures of these inspirational outfits to selfies again? Weeeeeelll, Mav's been working ALOT (for anyone whose hubby is in the Army you know what I'm talking about :) but I still love sharing my ideas and if it helps just one woman feel like she can do it too, then its all worth it in my book. So I keep plugging away at this regardless of my circumstances and hopefully Mav's schedule will slow down a bit and we can have a few more photo sessions!

Remember, your smile is your best accessory, never leave home without it!
Adieu for Now,

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Holiday Party Style

While I was at Target a few weeks back I spied an unassuming little emerald dress hanging ever so inconspicuously in the middle of the women's clothing section. I thought to myself, "Look at that beauty. There are so many ways I can style that," as the thoughts went through my head. Here is one of the visions:

Holiday Party Style

Target Green Brocade Dress
Coat: Nordstrom (old)(similar) and (here)/ Clutch: Nordstrom (old)(splurge here)(steal here)/ Heels: Lulus (here)/ Dress: Target (Here)

Target Green Brocade Dress/Holiday Style

Target Green Dress/Holiday Party Style


Holiday Party Dress

Target Mossimo Brocade Green Fit and Flare Dress

The dress has a subtle pattern that adds just enough to make it beautiful! Leopard Sparkly Bracelet: (old)

ACCESSORIES!! Necklace: Loft (here)/ Earrings: Loft (old)(similar)/ Sunnies: Michael Kors (old)(similar)

I can't say enough about his dress. The pattern is subtle but beautiful! It has so many possible combinations of style for all seasons!

I love, love, love the holiday season. It is a bit early to start talking about Christmas but seriously I'm a big believer of Christmas in July. I cannot think of one single thing I don't LOOOOVE about it, except that it goes by too fast. One of the stresses for me of this season is finding the best outfit to wear to holiday parties and school plays. I've had a hard time trying to figure out what is "fancy" and "comfortable" to wear to holiday parties. When I saw this dress I imagined all the possibilities it can be dressed up or down! I can't wait to wear it and show you all the styling ideas that will hopefully give you some inspiration! I will post again about this gorgeous dress!

Until Next Time,


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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Fall Into Winter: Three Ways to Transition Your Summer Dress to Winter

As I posted a few weeks ago, I love pieces of clothing that can work throughout the year like this striped dress. I like pieces that can easily transition to other seasons. Check out this previous post for more Fall inspiration.

I like that this dress is three-quarter sleeve so it can work for all seasons. I also like that it is a classic shift dress. Easily shifted from Spring to Summer to Fall to Winter. Here is how I turned that casual summer shift dress into a winter phenom!

 First Look: Winter Wear to Work. Who says work wear has to be boring!
Winter Womens Workwear Tartan and Stripes
Winter Workwear: Striped Dress: Old Navy/Tailored Twill Plaid Blazer: Target. Even though the similar ones are in a different color scheme I thought they would work well with each other to achieve a similar look.

Transition Summer Dress to Fall and Winter

Second Look: All That Shimmers, Work Wear with Flare

Transition Summer Dress to Fall and Winter
Work wear with a little shimmer. This sweater has a slight shimmer to the yarn. It adds just the right amount of shine. Shimmer Sweater: Loft (a few years ago but any shimmery sweater or sequin shirt that adds a touch of sparkle) (similar). I added a small rhinestone necklace to set off the sparkle in the top.

Third Look: Casual Warmth

Transition Summer Dress to Fall and Winter

This is a cool reversible belt I found at Target (love the two for ones!!)the other side is black/ Vest: Gap Outlet

Transition Summer Dress to Fall and Winter

Transition Summer Dress to Fall and Winter

So there you have it. Three new ideas on how to style your striped dress for winter.
I love the challenge of styling and restyling for the upcoming season! It is so much fun! Makes me look forward to cold weather just a little ;).

Here's to Winter!


"The (wo)man who does not value h(er)imself, cannot value anything or anyone." Ayn Rand

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

How to Wear Jewel Tones for Fall: Sunday Brunch

faux leather skirt style jewel tones for fall
Handbag: Bodhi/Blouse: Forever 21 /Skirt: Express /Wedges: Aldo
It's time for my Tasty Tuesday post! What better way than with wine and mustard......in fashion that is! I adore this skirt and was waiting on an opportunity to wear it this Fall. It's just been sitting in storage for many, many years. This skirt is the perfect emerald color to incorporate the wine blouse and mustard yellow accessories using the beautiful jewel tones of Fall. I don't usually wear colored necklaces but it works perfectly with the handbag!

The Mav and I were able to spend some quality couple time together this past Sunday while the grandparents were in town. Everybody won. Grandparents got much needed time with the kiddos and the parents got much needed time together. We definitely had a Sunday Funday!

I've had a hard time finding a similar suede skirt online. There are many faux leather skirts that would work to achieve a similar look especially with the emerald shirt in the Forever 21 link above.
Wow, we had such a busy weekend! Now its time to get back to work!
Enjoy your Tuesday!
"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow." Helen Keller

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Style Files: Fall Nail Polish

 Fall is the perfect time of year. It's almost as if there is some sort of excitement in the air. It's also when all of the new Fall nail polish colors come out. I have several fall faves like plum, oxblood and ruby red. Since I love DIY gel nails, finding nail color online is hard since judging what it will look like is never easy.
This first one called "Black Jack Cherry" I found at Sally's after several botched "maroon" attempts. It's in mini size so if I didn't like it I didn't have a huge bottle of nail polish I wouldn't use! Gelish has a new color in their Fall 2014 collection called Hello, Merlot which looks very similar.

Gelish Black Jack Cherry It's just enough red to feel like Fall but not too much red that it clashes with maroon colored clothes.

Gelish Plum and Done: I have shown this color before in this post. I like that it's a dark enough purple to look chic. I love the versatility of gel color. Of course, I know I am supposed to soak the polish off but I am so impatient I always end up peeling it. Oops.

I got into gel nails after a nail technician recommended the gel manicure several years ago. When the manicure lasted three weeks instead of a few hours, I was sold! After a little research I found that by spending around $75.00 I could do my own manicures. So it would pay for itself after two DIY manicures.
Here is the kit I bought as a reference:
Gelish Starter Kit

There are kits that can be bought at Walmart but I've never tried those. I bought a professional UV lamp by itself (I have since changed to LED. Go with the faster, safer LED lamp if you have the extra dollars) and a starter kit from the brand Gelish on Amazon. Also, make sure the lamp cures all five fingers at once. Several I have seen actually only do four and then the thumb is cured separately. I still have most of the original kit. If I had to guess as to how many times I've used it I would say about 35.
 I've only used the Gelish Foundation (bottom coat) and Top It Off (top coat) so I can't speak to any other brand. I can tell you I have tried different brands of gel polish but I stick with Gelish and CND. I have two colors of CND and 6 from Gelish. I wanted a bright red color, so I bought the CND Wildfire Color. This color is a very bright neutral red color and many times I only need the foundation coat, ONE color coat, and the top it off. It is a great color for the Christmas season! Everyone knows Christmas is such a busy time and we can't always fit a manicure in our schedule so a DIY gel manicure is perfect! This is how I do my DIY nails.
How To: DIY Gel Nails 
  1. Prepare Nails: file, buff and apply cuticle oil. Push back cuticles. Wash Hands.

2.  Apply PH Bond to nails
3.  Plug in UV (LED) lamp.
4.  Apply a thin coat of the Foundation Gel. Cure 1 minute UV/30 seconds LED.

These are all the Fall colors I have plus the foundation and top coat.

5.  Apply thin coat of polish of your choice. The bottle says to Cure 1 minute UV/30 seconds LED. I usually cure in my UV lamp for 2 minutes each color coat and at least 1 minutes in the LED.
6.  If you are satisfied with the color (no streaks). Apply Top It Off. Cure 1 minute UV/30 seconds LED.
7.  If you feel it needs another coat, apply another thin coat of polish and cure. Then apply Top It Off and cure.
8.  Once all nails are completely painted and properly cured use the cleanse on each nail. I put several drops of the cleanse on a cotton ball and rub each nail.
That's it. You're all done with your beautiful nails and ready to go!
It may seem like a daunting task to do your own gel nails but it really is easy. I have a salon manicure sometimes because I enjoy letting someone else do the work but in between times I can't go to the salon, this is a real time saver! Do you have any Fall nail colors you can't wait to wear?
 Here's to Friday!

"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it." Confucius