Friday, August 1, 2014

Friday Style Files: Chic Back-To-School Shopping Tax-Free Weekend

Yes! It's that time again! Back to school! Baby girl starts preschool and Little Man starts 2nd grade next week. I can't believe it is here already. Since the state I live offers a tax-free back-to-school shopping this weekend, I am taking advantage of it. Do you know if your state offers tax-free and if so, what items are tax-free? Click here for a list of tax-free weekends by state. She lists each state, dates and specific items available tax-free.

Since I am going back to school shopping, I might as well look chic doing it, right? I figured this would be a great opportunity start another one of my loves on my blog, FRUGAL FASHION!

I have a serious confession to make, I adore fashion and personal style. Another reason to LOVE Pinterest and all the fashion viewing I can do on a daily basis. One of my main concerns about fashion: it is not about the expensive clothing, purses or accessories but about how I can pull together full outfits with what is in my closet or what I have spent about five minutes rummaging through the sale racks to find. Since its tax-free weekend, which includes up to $70.00 in clothing per purchase, why not check out the sale racks? With the chic and cheap in mind, I have just one question. How much money do these fashion bloggers make if they are posting almost daily a new outfit focusing on expensive or even inexpensive brand name clothes, shoes, purses and accessories? I don't know, but I am not going into debt for style.

My idea of style is making the best with what you have. Meaning stay within a set clothing budget and don't go overboard. I LOVE luxury handbags just like the next girl, but finding the funds to purchase said handbag monthly or for that matter, yearly, is non-existent in this economy. I do, however, believe that first impressions are everything and that every woman regardless of age needs to know her body type well enough to know how to buy and dress to feel confident and never compromising personal style for trends.

Since I have a fashion budget to stay within, my mantra: chic but cheap. Meaning it needs to fit within the confines of my budget but also be chic, classic and of good quality. I look on Pinterest for style inspiration to help with a few stipulations: the outfit must have at least two key pieces I already own, then try to make the outfit my own using various accessories in my closet.  I will attempt to do these "fashion style" files every Friday as I do tend to put together one "new" outfit per week with clothing and accessories I already own and occasionally with something I just purchased.

Keep in mind I use my phone to take these pics so they aren't the greatest but you get the gist. This is what I wore today for a day of school shopping with my little man. I paired this with a brown tote bag. I hope this inspires you to dress in a way which makes your confidence shine through.

Shorts: Clearance Lucky Brand/Shirt: Old Navy / Belt: Target/ Shoes: American Eagle

Happy Tax-Free Shopping! Back-to-school is always fun! Do you have any plans to do tax-free shopping where you live?


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