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Summer Detox Beach Body, HIIT Training and Busting the Scales: The Conclusion

It has been four weeks since I wrote about the summer detox revolution with a detox "juice" I was going to try and, as promised, let you know my results. I will first start by saying in my original post which gives you the method and recipe for the Jillian Michaels' detoxification tea, the experiment is meant to last for seven days. To tell you the truth, I liked the way I felt and the way my clothes fit so much, I continued for a WHOLE MONTH! In fact, I drank a glass of it first thing this morning. As far as losing weight, I don't like the scale. I didn't weigh myself instead measuring my results on how my clothes fit. After working at a weight loss company and having our weekly weigh-ins every Monday morning, I cringe at the thought of stepping on the scale, EVER. I also began a new exercise regimen that I included below. I had some INCREDIBLE results!

The scale is the bane of many a woman's existence, at least it is for me. We identify ourselves with what that little machine tells us our number is. We place so much emphasis on this one number and yet it has the power to make or break our day, our month, our year, heck, even our life. For me, ignorance is bliss, except for the occasional weak moment when I feel it necessary to punish myself.  Needless to say, my struggle with the scale didn't begin when I was pregnant with both my children, this just helped to exacerbate it. Gaining 60 pounds with each pregnancy certainly didn't help. For a woman, who prior to pregnancy prided herself on her defined muscles, this flabby postpartum body staring at her in the mirror seemed to have transported her to some parallel universe searching for a magical portal to transport her back to Earth. There is no magical portal though, only hard work and persistence.

After my first child, it only took me 9 months to break through that stubborn fat to reveal a healthy body. I never was able to get back into going to the gym (what new mommy has two hours of time or energy to spend at the gym?), just exercise at home, no magical portal.

I loved running my 4 day a week 4-milers. I got pregnant with my daughter. That pregnancy was harder. I was able to walk everyday, but that was all, no gym time for me. At each doctor visit I would close my eyes when I stepped on the scale. This time I gained more weight than I had with my son and it showed. I became anemic. I had to force myself to walk around the block. Walking was all I had the energy for. I ate lots and lots of fresh fruit, leafy greens, beans and lean meats. Not only because it helped with the anemia but because I have eaten that way for years. I did all the things I was supposed to.

It has taken me two years plus training for and running a half marathon to finally "feel" like myself again. This is where the detox tea and need for a change in the exercise regimen comes in.

The last 10 pounds of stubborn as a mule baby weight just did not want to leave my body for two years. No matter what I did, this stuff LOVED hanging out on my hips, thighs and stomach. On top of that, even with this little bit of extra weight, I felt completely bogged down. I was having a harder time recovering from my long runs. I didn't feel energized afterwards, I only felt tired. I didn't even have more energy to play with my kids.

Tabata Training

I began doing this Tabata training workout routine at least 4 times per week. It is a strenuous workout which generally takes me 30 minutes to complete. By the end I am sweating more during this workout than I would after a 10 mile run! By the time I get to the jump squats/mountain climbers cardio interval my legs and lungs are burning! I have noticed a HUGE change in my body. My thighs are slimming, my butt is lifting, and upper body is sculpting. Plus my skin seems to be glowing. I never noticed this big of a change in my body over such a short amount of time with any exercise I ever did. This Tabata training uses mostly my own body weight, but I do have a few dumbbells and an exercise ball. This is what my home gym consists of, all the equipment I use besides a stopwatch, towel and my water bottle.

I drank 64 ounces of the tea everyday and Tabata training four times a week for ONLY ONE MONTH. It has produced such significant, tangible results, I am not sure I could do anything else. Plus I didn't have to spend a bunch of money on exercise DVDs, which I was seriously considering. I may, however, join the Crossfit gym in my town. It would give me the motivation to keep up the work!

So between the tea, the exercise and of course eating healthy, I have lost inches. All the clothes hanging in my closet unused for the past three years, will get some use this summer! This makes me happier than a firecracker on the Fourth of July!

Have you tried a new exercise routine or eating plan that has produced exciting results for you?

Wishing You Lots of Summer Fun,
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