Thursday, June 13, 2013

For Real....Don't Trash Talk My Shows!

The other evening, after the kids were in bed, I decided to take a break from my usual nighttime ritual, household chores, to catch up on a few of my shows. A select few television shows I DVR, my way of staying in tune, I guess.

I head to the TV Room/Office in the hope of having a few peaceful moments, enjoying the first TV (I don't count Sesame Street) I've watched in at least a week.

I sit through one episode, peaceful, quiet, enjoying thinking about one subject for more than 5 minutes, engrossed in the plot, excited for the next episode and the fact I can fast forward through the commercials :)........

Here he comes, the Mavenator. Waltzing in like he just don't care, plops down on the couch, phone in hand, playing a game, of course. He proceeds to talk trash about my show. "Getting your fix, huh? Oooooh some more vampire soap opera. When are they gonna turn into bats? I wanna see that." In a particularly dramatic part of the show, "This is worse than one of those real housewives shows." No sense in me trying to explain that THESE vampires don't turn into bats and they don't fly. They can just run really fast. Then I say to myself, he knows exactly what to say to get a response and you fall for it. Every. Single. Time.

Finally, I've had enough. I ACTUALLY say, in my most serious voice possible, "You wait one minute, Mister.  Don't talk trash about my shows. I don't give a running commentary when you're watching that show about catching crabs." (you know, the one about those Alaska fisherman, ;)

To which, for once, he does not have a response. Hmm? Did I make him speechless? Not sure I could do that again if I tried........


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