Thursday, May 23, 2013

Best Summer Ever: Reflections of a Disorganized Mommy

Today is the last day of school for my little kindergartner and I am already starting to feel the anxiety. Partly because there isn't a plan for summer vacation. Partly because my 2 year old has figured out how to escape her crib and is refusing to sleep through the night while simultaneously waking her brother by jumping on his bed at 2 am AND refusing to nap. Both of which produce cranky kiddos if not handled properly, which in turn presents a bit of an issue since I rely on their "schedules" to get my to do lists done.

As I have confessed before, I am a bit of a perfectionist and thrive when things are organized, on task
and on schedule. Having two small children makes this goal somewhat unattainable especially during distractions like summer vacation. I will get my moneys' worth of Netflix for Kids this summer, the best idea this side of Toy Story. ;)

Since the little man is watching a movie and princess Lilliput FINALLY went down for a nap four hours AFTER her usual time, this frazzled mommy has a few moments to reflect on my disorganized first day of summer vacay.

Blogging is my way of organizing thoughts and putting them in writing. Because a goal is not a goal unless its in writing. So here goes.

#1. Enjoy this Memorial Day. The unofficial beginning of summer! We are spending Memorial Day with family at the beach. Since I am a self-professed water baby, I have this instinctual NEED to be by the water with the sand in between my toes. Maybe it is the fact that the human body is made up mostly of water, salty water. Or maybe its that my body requires more Vitamin D because I feel immensely energetic after a good dose. There is something relaxing and therapeutic about the whole experience that makes me long for it again the moment I leave. It brings me back to me, recharges my batteries and helps me focus.

While I am enjoying some sun, sand and water time with my family, I will also reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day. For me, Memorial Day used to be that day I got off work and we would BBQ or something of that nature. Since meeting, falling in love and marrying my military man, it has taken on a whole new meaning. Memorial Day for me is about appreciating those in the armed forces who have sacrificed for the ability to spend precious moments at the beach with the family cooking out and watching fireworks. Since Mav hasn't deployed in nearly 3 years, the longest he has ever been home and the longest we have been together without an extensive separation since we married 11 years ago, I enjoy every moment we have together as if it was our last. After so many years of being apart, it is nice to spend this time together as a family to appreciate each other.

#2. What to do for the rest of the summer. Little prince will visit Nana and Papaws' Summer Camp for a few weeks. Most of the summer camps around here are in the month of June. To beat the heat, we have little baby pools and water squirt guns. In a pinch and for hours of fun, inexpensive bubbles found at dollar stores always do the trick.

3# My next goal this summer is to get certified as a property manager. The local real estate office our realtor works for offers courses. I will attend and complete my certification as long as my schedule permits.

#4. Find a solution to Lilliput having a party in her room at 2 am. Starting from the time my son was born, I would rock him to sleep for nap, bedtime and if he woke in the middle of the night. My daughter isn't one to be held before bed and has always gone to sleep on her own. This presents a problem because I have no other idea at my disposal on how to solve this dilemma. We have always established a "downtime" an hour before bedtime. The rules are low lighting and no loud noises. Lilliput fall asleep best with a right-before-bed-tickle-fest. For some reason, a few good belly laughs before bed help her transition into sleep. For my son, the opposite is true. The more excited the atmosphere, the more excited he becomes. Hmm? Until now this has never presented a problem because Lilli has always fallen asleep in her crib.

.....and then there is always potty training...

As far as the best summer ever, maybe busiest summer ever would better describe it. Hopefully this frazzled momma can get her act together.

Do you have any ideas for frugal things for kiddos to do during the summer months? Leave me a comment and sign up to receive email alerts.

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