Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Lingerie Fashion Show, various singers, What?

Yes, yes, as a sane 30-something woman I never should have watched a certain lingerie fashion show last week, but I couldn't help myself.  I used to identify with these women back in my 20's but what did I want to just torture myself about my lack of gym time, love handles, muffin top? Nope I was looking forward to seeing the artists and maybe the cool sequiny outfits the models wear. They are a beautiful representation of fashion and I love fashion!! Plus all the artists like Justin Bieber and my new favorite Bruno Mars certainly helped. I watched for the first time last year as Adam Levine sang about moves like Jagger and his girlfriend at the time strutting her stuff on the runway stopped to give him a kiss. I thought that was a sweet gesture. Because of that, I actually tuned into The Voice this year to see what that show was all about.

Back to this year though. I enjoyed the Biebs sitting so coolly on a stool singing about loving someone whether we are rich or poor, even though I am not a fan of the Biebs (probably the only female on earth who isn't). There I was transported back to my early 20's again.  I even enjoyed Rihanna singing but she didn't seem too excited to be there. And then there was Bruno Mars, he was phenomenally entertaining. I have seen him before performing on various shows and sing along to his other songs when I hear them on the radio but there was something about this particular venue that made me want to buy his music. He sang two of his new songs. I am still singing "oh ya ya, hey, ya... for too loooong"..... The newness of his classic look and sound is refreshing in an era of boys showing their underwear cause they don't wanna wear a belt. After all that watching of boobs and boys singing of loving girls, I thought what am I doing here, changed the channel and promptly logged on to itunes and downloaded the new Bruno Mars cd.

Is there anything you have watched in the last few weeks that made you love something and even go so far as to buy it?

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