Sunday, December 9, 2012

Time Management Skills

Over the last few weeks I have spent an increasingly larger portion of my day researching blogs, blogging, creative writing, spam, writing online content and more. My insomnia got the best of me last night when I woke thinking of this blog and the ramifications of this on my personal anonymity and my family’s safety. I immediately put my butt in the chair and my fingers to the keys and commenced with more research. This is what I do when I need to understand a particular subject. I spent more than an hour figuring out the best course of action. So all this begs the question, how much is too much time spent on this little diversion from my everyday life? What is it costing me, if anything?

The first thing that comes to my mind is a little something I learned in all those economics courses in college, opportunity cost. Opportunity cost is for any given activity what does it cost in your own time and energy. A better way of saying it is how much time spent on the activity, in my case blogging, versus not doing the things I’d rather be doing. So to figure my opportunity cost, I will set up a system of daily goals. I will set a specific goal for the amount of time I will spend reading, researching and writing. I will set aside a specific goal for exercise and time with my family.
The second and third things that come to mind are what are the risks and rewards of this activity. Risk is fairly minimal. My personal anonymity and security are important to me. I will research and protect myself and my family as much as I can. I also risk spending too much time obsessing over it as I do many things I am passionate about. Which leads into the age old problem mothers have: how to balance everyone’s needs, including your own.

The rewards are four fold. First, there is the awesome feeling I get accomplishing something other than changing diapers and picking up toys for the tenth time that day.
Second, I have always loved writing. Blogging gives me a reason to learn how to write better. Forgive me, grammar police. I am fairly good at talking about anything and nothing all at the same time.
Third, I am back in school again without having to pay for it. I can spend my extra time researching and analyzing, learning something new or increasing my knowledge base and providing an interesting read.
Fourth, it gives me balance. Balance of mind, body and spirit. It allows me to focus on either something I need to understand or losing myself in something mundane. It is my own choice. I can devise my own therapy sessions.
After all this contemplation, the conclusion is continue with the exercise and see how far this goes. 
Life is a series of challenges, defeats and accomplishments. Life is about always moving forward, not being stuck with your feet in the sand.

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