Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Running My Heart Out, My First Half-Marathon Training

My journey back into the realm of training for a half marathon began innocently enough. Keep in mind it has been over two years since I ran further than about 300 feet without hyperventilating. But Maverick told me, after about the 100th time of me complaining about not being in shape, that I needed to get my butt out there and start pounding some pavement. He even suggested that I sign up for a half-marathon while I was at it. So that is what I did. Running over the last 2 months has been harder than ever. I have trained for a marathon before but that was almost 4 years ago after I had Harry (little Prince).  I continued training even through the last deployment, completing mostly 5k's but some 10k's, too.  But we added another kiddo to the brood since then with Lilliput and I have a stroller that only holds one munchkin. This presents a dilemma with Mavs' schedule and mine. One of us has to watch the kids while the other runs.

Between the schedules, diapers, sick kiddos and my sciatica causing me issues, the last month has been challenging. I am taking the trip back down training lane one leg at a time, pardon the pun. Haha! I did manage to run a 5 miler the other day which was the longest I have ran since 2010. I am trying to stay motivated but sometimes its hard.  Especially on a day like today when the temperature went from 75 degrees just a few days ago to 45 degrees, windy and rainy today...*shivers. Wow, how I dream of my old run by our house in Hawaii. It was always 85 degrees and the smell of the ocean mixed with the plumeria's was intoxicating.

Then there is the issue of food that is best for training. Lets just say my diet over the last few years has consisted mainly of coffee, coffee, coffee with a few grapes, steak and granola bars thrown in for good measure. I am getting back into the motto "crap in crap out" as I used to tell myself every time I would salivate when seeing a candy bar. This is not my first rodeo though. I have lots of healthy "runners" recipes in my arsenal. I know I need to hydrate, supplement, recover. So beefing up the water intake is an absolute, gels for energy during a run and resting are all things I need to remember to do. Then, of course, the proof is in the pudding as I noticed the other day when I put my feet to the pavement first thing in the morning with only a half cup of coffee in my system. Big mistake.

More on this later.....

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