Friday, December 28, 2012

After Christmas Blues

Now that all the rush of the holidays is through, no more shopping to be done, sales to hit or decorations to be hung and the fam made it back to L.A. in one piece, I am finding it hard to say goodbye to the joy of the Christmas season for another year. 

I actually started putting up Christmas decorations the week BEFORE Thanksgiving this year which Maverick continues to make snide remarks about, just so I could have a few extra days of enjoyment. I usually reserve New Years Day to begin the process of putting everything away but this year is different. I actually started yesterday. Maybe I was hoping to give myself a little time to grieve the end of Christmas for another year. I only accomplished putting away the Christmas village houses. I had to stop there because I just wasn't ready to put the rest of the decorations away.

Then there are the after Christmas sales (the only ones I really care about) which I missed out on because we were traveling back home that day. Which was also the morning after Arkansas had 6 inches of snow. Needless to say, Mavs and Poppy (my dad) spent 3 hours shoveling the street in hopes we could trudge our way to the highway, especially since we left our all wheel drive vehicle back in lower Alabama. Smart move, really, I thought. Of course we did think we would be offloading much of the content of the back of the big hoss we drove in but needless to say it was packed even tighter with no room to see out the back window. This presents perfect driving conditions with all the crazies around Little Rock who aren't used to driving in snow. Or the idiots with their four wheel drive vehicles flying past you at 60 miles per hour, throwing snow on your front windshield. Real intelligent. I have to say, makes me NOT miss living there. Then there was the hour long stand still traffic on I-40. Needless to say, everyone was playing in the snow. We saw about 10 snowmen along the way in the median.

So off my soapbox and into the real meat of the story, the after Christmas blues. As I sit spending a few quiet moments enjoying my beautiful Christmas tree, I have time to contemplate the holidays. For me, Christmas has always been about joy. The joy of the feeling of giving to others, either of my time, effort or money matters not. The feeling I get when I hear Christmas music, especially the music my mother used to play between Thanksgiving and Christmas day. It makes me long for the innocent days of youth when all I worried about was what I was getting for Christmas. Or the smell of the house with my moms own special Christmas Spice potpourri recipe. And of course the reading of the Christmas story from the Bible on Christmas Eve. I long for the days when it was simple fun with family.

Spending time with my brother and his new wife, even if only for a few hours, probably made this the best Christmas in a long time. We looked through old picture albums of when we were kids, reminiscing about times past, looking at the pictures of our family Christmases, seeing all the toys I have long since forgotten. But the memories of family and feelings of joy are still there.

The traditions my mother set which I continue with my children such as the Christmas albums my mother used to play on the old record player. Poppy so nicely made CD's of these albums for us kids. The oranges, apples and nuts in the foot of the stockings that hang on the mantel to keep us healthy throughout the year. The little special gifts left in the tree for us to search and find on Christmas morning. All of these culminate into such precious memories that when it is all over, leaves me longing for next years Christmas.

So, I will spend the next few days lingering in my nonsensical depression but until I can break out of it I will be singing lyrics I can't seem to get out of the running reel in my head, Kenny Chesneys', "Blues, what blues, hey I forgot em" .......

Until next time......

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